Find your Freedom

Dine outdoors

Cosily and responsibly

365 days of the year

We believe good things happen when we come together. Eat together. Drink together. Make memories together.

But bringing people together in these unprecedented times has never been harder. To survive, we need to reinvent.  Meet our dining pod …

Meet our Freedom Dining Pod

Our Freedom Dining Pod is a whole new way to dine, outdoors. Cosily. Safely. Responsibly.  Our dining pods let you serve up to 8 people per pod. Each one is cosily lit, fully insulated and adequately heated, to use 365 days of the year.

Arrange them in a circle (Corral style), with twinkling festoon lights and add music, comedy or a roaring fire pit in the centre for a magical, ‘grammable, experience.

Freedom Pod Commercial Dining Pod on an outdoor terrace setting with bespoke table and bench set and wall with serving hatch
Table set ready for eating in the freedom dining pod

Distant but social

Our Freedom Dining Pod allows each social bubble to enjoy time together while dining apart. And it helps you maximise your covers, safely each night.

With the public over 19 times more likely to contract the virus indoors, than outside, you’ll want to give customers the freedom to dine cosily and safely, if you can.

Dine 365 days a year

Unlike a parasol, marquee or igloo, our dining pod is a solid, insulated and weatherproof structure. A perfect outdoor dining pod haven where customers can relax.

Protected from the elements. Toasty warm. And perfectly socially distant. What’s more, it’s quick and easy to install.